• About me

    My parents are from NY & SF.

    I am an American born, French bred in Paris.

    As a DJ, I am continuing the tradition of transmitting good music with soul and meaning.

    While doing so i do shows, hustle, travel and connect people world wide...

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    Mad Habits

    NY / SF / MTP / PARIS

    A people & music lover since an early age.

    Started mixing records in 2000 after buying a pair of 12000 Technics... Went from vinyl to K7, to CD and mini-disc, to computers, Logic, Serato and the cloud we're in today...

    Made records, performed them, accompanied artists, went on tour, sold CD's in the streets & festivals all over the world...

    I also organized shows, tours & events and promoted them.

    Today, I'm still connecting people all over the world who have the same Mad Habits as i do... Do you ?

    If Yes then welcome to the club !